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Hecate Grid is an established developer, owner and operator of standalone storage projects in the U.S.

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600 W Fulton St, Suite 510
Chicago, IL 60661

Empowering Electric Cooperatives
and Public Power

With Flexible, Modular Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Hecate Grid for Co-ops and Public Power

Municipal Utilities – Electric Cooperatives – Public Utility Districts – Community Choice Aggregators

Strengthen your system with Hecate Grid’s battery energy storage systems (BESS) and unlock the benefits of cost savings, revenue opportunities, and enhanced reliability.

Affordable, dispatchable power

Peak shaving

Reserve margins

Time shifting

Defer upgrades

Reduce downtime

Invest in your Community

Hecate Grid fosters collaborative, long-term partnerships with the communities we serve. Our BESS projects drive millions of dollars in long-term economic impact while facilitating greater use of renewables.

Community Benefits

  • New tax revenue: Our projects create new revenue to support municipal services and public works.
  • Local job opportunities: Hecate Grid uses local labor during construction, creating good-paying local jobs.
  • Economic stimulus: Our projects boost economic growth and increase proceeds for local businesses.
  • Improve access: Relatively compact size of BESS project enables siting in under-invested areas.
  • Landowner payments: Direct payments to landowners provide stable income and sustain property value.
  • Cleaner, greener power: Storage helps to integrate the expanded use of renewable resources by addressing the variable availability of solar and wind generation.

The Hecate Grid Advantage

Hecate Grid leverages its extensive international energy industry experience to create maximum value for our customers. You can depend on us to deliver customized projects on time and on budget.


We are your long-term partner


Extensive, proven development expertise


Custom solutions to match your budget


Optimized performance to deliver most value

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